Refund Policy


Upon receipt of your order, we recommend that our customers check the application before accepting it. After that, we do not allow the return of any product. However, you can replace the product, you can replace the new unused products purchased from the Yazan Store within three days of the date of delivery. a product cannot be replaced by a lower price product, the total value of the new product must be equal to or greater than the value of the product to be replaced.

YazanStore has the full freedom to refuse to replace the product to be replaced if the product is in an unacceptable condition or exceeds the time period during which it is permitted to replace. The replacement of another product is more expensive only after obtaining the price difference from the customer only when using Cash On the Delivery method of payment.



YazanStore tries to be very precise in presenting real pictures of the products on the website. However, YazanStore ensures that the specifications of any product are complete, reliable, error-free. If the YazanStore product does not match the description, the only solution is to return the product in its unused state when the product is delivered to the customer and the customer refuses to comply with the product's failure to comply with the required specifications.



The price of the product displayed on the YazanStore represents the full retail price displayed on the product itself, specified by the manufacturer or supplier, or estimated according to what the YazanStore considers appropriate compared to a product displayed elsewhere.

In general, YazanStore accepts Cash On the Delivery payment method only, we only receive the price after the product arrives and you receive it and the payment is cash. Credit card payment method is not accepted when the delivery agent arrives at the customer.

The price of the products is limited and is the price displayed on the website YazanStore. Price does not include delivery costs, to know the delivery cost please click here.